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„CHEMIK – science-technique-market” is a magazine for engineers and managing staff in the chemical industry. In the monthly columns, you will find scientific and technical publications and reviews of modern technical and technological solutions in the chemical industry including the functioning of the industry in terms of environmental, legal and organizational issues. The magazine works with outstanding scientists, engineers and managers.


64 Years of Publishing Expertise For the past 64 years, „CHEMIK” (THE CHEMIST) has been an excellent journal in the Polish language. Today „CHEMIK” connects tradition with innovation publishing on Polish market articles in both a Polish and a translated English version. We are the first magazine of this kind in Poland. Along with publishing our works, we hope to become a stronger educational publication. We are going to meet the expectations of  the community of Polish chemists, but we also want to show their works to foreign scientists, entrepreneurs and foreign students, who  are still becoming increasingly numerous at Polish universities.


Among other newspapers on the market, there are many magazines presenting academic works concerning the field of chemistry in Europe and around the world. However, there are just a few that present works with potential implementation, promoting cooperation of science and trade in the field of creation of new technologies and implementation of innovative products. Achievements of Polish scientists, especially in the field of chemistry, have been in the lead on the world scientific markets for many years.


The monthly magazine „CHEMIK” is taking up a challenge and from 2010 on it is going to promote Polish science in Europe and around the world and promote works of foreign scientists’ work among Polish language scientists.


Prof. Dr. Thomas BROCK – University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld, Germany
Prof. Dr. Thomas Brock is Member of FATIPEC Executive Committee. Since March 1995 he is Professor for coatings technology at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld, Germany, with the main activities: measuring and testing technology, rheology, paint production, application and coating processes. Since 1997 he is Member of the board of European Society of Coatings Technology (EGL). Besides teaching, he is an author of numerous publications over last 30 years; 15 patents and 50 contributions in congresses and journals.
e-mail: Brock-Huerth@t-online.de

Prof. Andrzej GÓRAK – Łódź University of Technology; Universität Dortmund, Germany
Prof. Andrzej Górak, professor at the Łódź University of Technology, Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, and at Technische Universität Dortmund. Co-author of over 180 original works, 200 conference papers and communications, 8 patents and 12 monographs and textbooks. Profesor Górak supervised 200 diploma theses, 20 completed doctoral degree conferment procedures and 15 doctoral degree conferment procedures in progress. Actively involved in many scientific and professional organizations. He is now, among others, member of an advisory group of the management boards of Degussa and BASF, member of the Supervisory Board of INVITE and member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Working Party on Fluid Separations. He is also the Dean of the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering of the Technischen Universität Dortmund. Professor Górak acts as a reviewer for international journals (AIChE Journal, Chem. Ing. Tech., Chem. Eng. Proc, Chem. Eng. Res, Inż. Chem. Proc., Chem. Eng. Sci., Comp. Chem. Eng., Trans. Inst. Chem. Eng), scientific organizations (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, German Ministry of Science and Technology, Dutch Scientific Foundation, National Science Foundation (USA), ESFC (UK), Deutsche Bundestiftung Umwelt, INCREASE, European Union (GROWTH), NATO, Israel Science Foundation, State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN), Ministry of Science) and universities.
e-mail: Andrzej.Gorak@bci.tu-dortmund.de

Dr Piotr GRZYBOWSKI – Warsaw University of Technology
Dr Piotr Grzybowski, senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. Gives lectures on Biotechnological Methods of Waste Processing, Separation Processes in Biotechnology and on Environmental Protection in Chemical Industrial Processes, laboratory classes on Liquid Purification Processes and Separation Methods in Biotechnology. Dr Grzybowski supervised a number of master’s theses of Polish and foreign students, attended more than 40 international and Polish conferences. He is the author or co-author of over 40 papers and 8 patents (e.g. for a method of filter manufacture, aerosol generator). The main fields of his research interest include air filtration, filters, filter masks, filtration of bioaerosols, ventilation systems, filtration of liquids, filter testing, synthesis of polymer microspheres, recycling of waste polymers (PET, polyolefins, polystyrene), various waste treatment and environment protection. In 2001 he was granted an Award of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for achievements in didactics. Since 2002 he is the President of the Warsaw Division of the Association of Chemical Industry Engineers and Technicians. Since 2003 he is a court expert in chemistry and in chemical engineering.
e-mail: p.grzybowski@ichip.pw.edu.pl

Dr Michael HILT – Research Institute for Pigments and Coatings, Stuttgart, Germany
Dr Michael Hilt MBA is Senior Manager Coating Systems and Painting Technology in Fraunhofer IPA and General Manager of the Research Society for Pigments and Coatings, Stuttgart, FPL. In these functions he was active in shaping the new strategic orientations of his department, which is a cross functional merger of the departments of painting technology and coatings and pigments, and of the new FPL. Since January 2012 Dr. Hilt is President of the GDCh Fachgruppe Lackchemie (professional group of German paint chemists) and as designated President of the ETCC in Cologne in 2014 he is a FATIPEC Board Member.
e-mail: michael.hilt@fpl-ev.de

Mr Juan JASINSKI – Riopint Powder Coatings, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mr Juan Jasinski is chemical engineer and Division Manager in a local Powder Coatings manufacturer – Riopint Powder Coatings. He was Member of the first board of GAC (Argentinean colour group) as well as Member of the Board and two periods President of SATER (Argentinean Society of Coatings Technologists). Currently, he is Member of the constituent group of ATIPAT (Iberoamerican Technical Association for coatings, inks and adhesives) and Member of the sub-committee for coatings and adhesives in IRAM (Argentinean Society of Norms).
e-mail: jjasinski@riopint.com.ar

Prof. Paweł KAFARSKI – Wrocław University of Technology
Paweł Kafarski, professor of the Wrocław University of Technology and of the Opole University. He is and has been performing many academic functions, one of the most prominent was that of the President of the Polish Chemical Society. Co-author of over 300 publications, which have been cited in the scientific literature more than 3590 times. His scientific interests include design, synthesis and activity testing of inhibitors of selected enzymes of agrochemical and medical importance, applications of biocatalysis in organic chemistry, synthesis and testing of biological activity of aminophosphonates and derivatives thereof. Among the honours awarded to him, Prof. Kafarski has a particularly high regard for the Jan Hanus Medal (Czech Chemical Society) and Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski Medal (Wrocław University of Technology). He feels sincere gratitude to two of his teachers: Dr Zbigniew Czaruch (taught history at his high school) and Prof. Przemysław Mastalerz (academic mentor) who had moulded his profile.
e-mail: pawel.kafarski@uni.opole.pl

Prof. Norimichi KAWASHIMA – International Pacific University, Yokohama, Japonia
Prof. Norimichi Kawashima, Director of International Institute for Science and Education at International Pacific University, Yokohama. President of Society of Biomedical Engineering for Health and Welfare, Japan Society Colour Material, Vice President of Japan Research Institute of Material Technology, Director of Japan Coating Technology Association and Japan Society of Colour Material. Author of over 130. scientific papers. His scientific interests include biotechnology, bioengineering, oncology, nanobiotechnology and apoptosis.
e-mail: n.kawashima@ipu-japan.ac.jp

Mr Kenneth LOFHELM – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
Mr Kenneth Lofhelm, Manager of the Verification Services group in the Australian Government’s premier research body, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). He has a background in excess of 30 years in the technical aspects of the paint industry in Australia. He graduated with a Diploma of Applied Chemistry in 1978 and also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is the current President of the Surface Coating Association Australia (SCAA) and also the inaugural President of Coatings Societies International (CSI). He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and an International Fellow of Technology of Surface Coatings.
e-mail: Ken.Lofhelm@csiro.au

Jerzy MAJCHRZAK –  Ministry of Economy, Warsaw
Jerzy Majchrzak graduated with distinction from the Chemical Faculty of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice in 1973 with a major in chemical engineering; he also completed postgraduate studies in technology transfer at the Warsaw University of Technology. Spent 25 years at the Institute of Heavy Chemical Synthesis „Blachownia” in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. President of the city of Kędzierzyn-Koźle in the years 1998-2001. Chairman of the Board at ZAK SA in Kędzierzyn-Koźle (2002-2005). Director in the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (2006-2012). At present he is the Director of the Department of Innovation and Industry of the Ministry of Economy.
e-mail: jerzy.majchrzak@pipc.org.pl

Prof. Bogdan MARCINIEC – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Prof. Dr hab. Bogdan Marciniec is a director of the Centre for Advanced Technologies and professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities and doctor honoris causa of the Technical University in Łódź (2013). He has been Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry (1985-1988) and Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University (1988/1990) as well as Founder and Director of the first in Poland, Poznań Science and Technology Park. His contribution to Polish and world science has been recognised by the Prime Minister Award (2001), Śniadecki Medal (2003) of the Polish Chemical Association, the Award of the Foundation for Polish Science (Polish Nobel Prize) in technical sciences (2009) and the „Honorary Pearl” in science awarded by „Polish Market” (2009). In June 2014, Professor Marciniec was the third in the poll “Knowledge is freedom” organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
The area of his interest covers the organometallic chemistry and catalysis, chemistry and technology of organosilicon compounds. Professor Marciniec is an author or co-author of over 380 scientific papers and book chapters, editor or co-editor of 15 books (including 9 in English), over 170 patents and 17 implemented technologies.
e-mail: Bogdan.Marciniec@amu.edu.pl

Prof. Lidia MORAWSKA  – Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Prof. Lidia Morawska, Director, International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH), international expert in air quality and its impact on health. Professor, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, member, Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand, International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate and the American Association for Aerosol Research, consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO). Co-author of more than 350 scientific publications.
e-mail: l.morawska@qut.edu.au

Prof. Paweł PLUCINSKI – University of Bath, United Kingdom
Prof. Paweł Plucinski, expert in chemical engineering, nanoparticles and biotechnology. Main areas of his research interest include kinetics of reactions in heterogeneous systems, including catalysis and separation methods, application of microstructures (micelles, microemulsions) in catalysis and separation, catalytic processes in multichannel reactors. Gives classes in chemical engineering, process dynamics, modelling and control, microprocess engineering. Author of more than 40 scientific publications.
e-mail: p.plucinski@bath.ac.uk

Prof. Jaromír ŠŇUPÁREK – University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
Prof. Jaromír Šňupárek, Professor at the Institute of Chemistry and technology of macromolecular compounds, University of Pardubice. He is the author of more than 80. original papers published in international journals, cited more than 550 times, author of the monograph Aqueous Polymer Dispersions (1979, Czech), co-author of the monograph Polymers (2000, Czech), author of number of patents, most of them introduced in industry (chemical, textile, paints and others). He is a member of several university scientific councils: American Chemical Society, Czech Chemical Society, CCS Group for Paints, Pigments and Resins, Board of FATIPEC, European Scientific Commitee of FATIPEC, International Polymer Colloids Group, Editorial Board of the journal Progress in Organic Coatings (Elsevier), Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Surface Coatings International (JOCCA), Editorial Board of the journal Plastics and Rubber (Czech), Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (Springer, New York). His research interests include emulsion polymerization/copolymerization, properties and applications of polymer colloids.
e-mail: Jaromir.Snuparek@upce.cz