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The processes of energy waste treatment in selected European countries

The processes of energy waste treatment in selected European countries Paulina Luiza DZIOŁAK- Institute for Ecology and Bioethics Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw Please cited as: CHEMIK 2010, 64, 10, 701-704 The paper presents a method of dealing with waste in the highly developed European Union countries ? the Netherlands and Sweden. There were presented waste management systems in these countries, paying particular attention to the processes of energy waste treatment (Waste to Energy ? WtE) in existing installations. Keywords: WtE (Waste to Energy), waste,...
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Natural, or ?natural? cosmetic products?

Natural, or ?natural? cosmetic products? Iwona KONOPACKA-BRUD ? FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE MANUFACTURER Pollena Aroma Ltd., Warsaw Please, cited as: CHEMIK 2010, 64, 11, 641-648 During the last several years, the market of cosmetic products, defined as natural ones, has been increasing by several percent a year and it is covering more and more serious segment of selling cosmetics, toiletries and a wide range of household chemistry products. Despite numerous doubts from medicine and cosmetology circles, this trend is developing and there is no evidence...
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When identical means identical

When identical means identical Marta KIJEŃSKA - Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw Please cited as: CHEMIK 2010, 64, 10, 631-640 This paper of the ?Sunny Chemistry? series is intended to familiarise a young man or woman with the problems of the broadly interpreted identity (sameness) of chemical molecules. It shows, on the one hand, the identity of molecules derived from various sources, and, on the other hand, it draws attention to the fact that the same chemical formula does not necessarily indicate an...
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