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On beginning of chemical fibres ? manufacturing in Poland

On beginning of chemical fibres? manufacturing in Poland SKORACKI J. Pease cite as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 12, 1307-1318 The article discusses the atmosphere of the scientific and political and economic conditions in the second half of the nineteenth century, which favored the making of chemical fiber production tests. It also discusses the reactions and protests of industrial environments, which feared the loss of existing fibers market. In a rather precarious situation of entrepreneurs and financiers from the area of the Polish Kingdom, however, made a...
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Modern installation of dry distillation of wood

Modern installation of dry distillation of wood LEWANDOWSKI G., MILCHERT E. Please cite as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 12, 1301-1306 The main products of the dry distillation of wood were discussed: wood distillation gas, liquid distillates, sedimentary tar, and activated carbon. A technological scheme of the installation to the dry distillation of wood working in the continuous way was presented. More precisely practical application of the activated carbon was discussed. Keywords: activated carbon, dry distillation, wood gas Read more: pdf-icon Read more

GMO on our table ? progress or catastrophe?

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) on our table ? progress or disaster WĘGRZYN A. Please cite as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 12, 1295-1300 A few weeks ago, President Bronisław Komorowski has vetoed the so-called ?Seed Law? on GM crops, following a series of consultations with experts. President had referred to the bill as ?legal junk?, affirming that the act had become so muddled as to be incompatible with the law. The President had earlier insisted that there is no scientific evidence to confirm that GMO practices...
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