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Dyeing and marking system in European Union and Poland.

Dyeing and marking system in European Union and Poland Joanna CZARNOCKA, Urszula ZBOROWSKA, Anna KĘSIK ? Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy; Warsaw Please cited as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 3, 200-203 This article describes European and Polish regulations of fiscal markering system. The common markering system to identify tax fuels was introduced by Directive 95/60/EC . The common fiscal marker is Solvent Yellow 124. In Poland, tax fuels shall be coloring also. Interpretation of research analyses of dyes concentration is very important problem. Keywords: euromarker,...
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Nitrification in activated sludge ? microbiological insight into nitrogen oxidation process

Nitrification in activated sludge ? microbiological insight into nitrogen oxidation process Aleksandra ZIEMBIŃSKA - Silesian University of Technology - Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering (Department of Environmental Biotechnology); Gliwice Please cited as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 3, 192-199 Activated sludge is known to be one of the most effective and popular methods of wastewater treatment. A wide range of complex biochemical and chemical processes are performed in this biocenosis, which result in obtaining a highly purified product. Nitrification, the removal of inorganic nitrogen compounds,...
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Modification of manufacturing process of feed phosphates

Modification of manufacturing process of feed phosphates Józef HOFFMANN, Krystyna HOFFMANN, Jakub SKUT, Marta HUCULAK-MĄCZKA ? Department of Chemistry, Institute of Inorganic Technology and Mineral Fertilizers, Wroclaw University of Technology; Wroclaw Please cited as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 3, 184-191 The scientific paper presents results of laboratory and industrial tests of modified manufacturing process of feed phosphates. In order to eliminate the requirement of cost absorptive removing water from the final product, utilization of the heat of neutralization of phosphoric acid with calcium compounds at high...
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