Rules of publishing papers – guide for authors

CHEMIK journal is indexed:CAS, BazTech; IndexCopernicus; Google Scholar; SciFinder; SCOPUS.

Rankings (2015): SJR=0.129 (previously 0.113); IPP=0.16 (previously 0.072); SNIP=0.128 (previously 0.081); ICV’2014 – 99.91. List of journal of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education  – 8 points. Number of citations SCOPUS (2015 – till November) is 62.

Since 2016 we have to ask Authors for participating in costs of publishing in CHEMIK journal.

Since 2016 (Act of 15 January 2015, Journal of Laws 24.02.2015 item 249) the Ministry has withdrawn from financial help in publishing scientific and technical journals. Participation in costs of publishing by the Authors and/or scientific institutions they represent has become a necessity for a life of the journal.

Printing cost: 1 A4 page in CHEMIK journal (5,600 characters) costs 350.00 PLN + 23% VAT.


Topics of the journal

Scientific and technical journal CHEMIK nauka-technika-rynek (science-technology-market) publishes original research, scientific and technical papers, review articles and news in the fields of chemistry, chemical technology, computational modelling of chemical processes, environmental protection, environmental management, research management, as well as management of chemical companies and research institutions, technology, power engineering and chemical and technical market.

Ethical attitude of Author(s)

The ethical attitude of researcher and high editorial standards is disclosure of information regarding all the entities that contributed to the paper (substantial, material, financial contribution, etc.), which is not only a sign of good manners, but also of social responsibility.

The Author by submitting a paper for publication declares that it has not been published in the same form in any other journal, nor submitted to any other editors. Please send with article attached permission for publication issued by the Head of the Unit which employs the Author with signed contract with the Author.

Sending paper by the Author is tantamount to declaration of no conflict of interests.
The editorial asks kindly to list in the manuscript all of the funding sources of the paper.

Original research works must meet the essential condition of novelty.


Review procedures

The articles submitted for publication in CHEMIK journal are reviewed by experts in the individual fields – members of Reviewer Team of CHEMIK journal. Names of members of the Reviewer Team are published in the journal at least twice a year. Authors and Reviewers are kept anonymous to each other; articles for review are submitted without Authors’ names and affiliations; names of Reviewers are unknown to the Authors.


Articles are published in Polish and in English. Manuscripts are to be submitted to the Editorial Office in English by e-mail along with documents related to publication (scanned images). We kindly request that Authors indicate at least three names of potential Reviewers (names, affiliations, e-mail addresses). Please use figures and tables to present research results.

The length of article shall not exceed 20,000 characters. The manuscript shall contain no “hard” characters. Literature items shall be placed in text in square brackets, and in the references in the order described further in this guide. Please indicate corresponding author by marking his or her name with asterisk and providing his or her e-mail address.

If the article submitted by the Authors contains proprietary figures or other proprietary materials, the Authors have to obtain prior written authorization for their publication from the Publisher and paying all related costs, as well as marking included work/figure by names of their authors and name of the publisher.

The works shall be submitted in .doc format (Microsoft Word) naming them with the name of the main author of the paper. All the figures, graphs, diagrams, tables, photos and equations shall be submitted in the highest quality files (JPG with max. compression).

How to prepare article?

The article should be prepared in the following order:

  • title of the article
  • names of the authors and their affiliations in the following format:

(Anna KOWALSKA – Institute of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław)

  • article abstract (approx. 500 characters)
  • keywords (max. 6 keywords)
  • graphical abstract (illustration and approx. 140 characters)
  • introduction
  • description (experimental part and result discussion in case of research article)
  • summary and conclusions
  • literature
  • biographical notes

Figures, graphs, photos

Number and captions under figures (graphs, photos) shall be placed in the following manner:

Fig. 1. Caption


Number and captions under tables shall be placed in the following manner:

Table 1. Caption

Formulas, chemical and mathematical equations

Mathematical equations in the MS Word equation editor shall be written in text, each starting from a new line and numbered with Arabic numerals. Font: Times New Roman 12p.

Chemical formulas and equations prepared in ChemSketch or ChemWin (font size 10p, Times New Roman CE, bond length 2 mm, font size in indices 8p).


System of international units (SI) and international letter symbols apply. Do not use any abbreviations without prior explanation. Units in text shall be written after a space sign without brackets. Units in tables shall be written without brackets, after a comma.


Please quote literature in the following order:

Surname and initial of the first name of the Author: Title of the publication. Name of the journal, Year, Volume, Number, Pages.


Kowalski K.: Book title. Publisher name Year, Pages

HYPERLINK „” access date

Patent application No. ….., Country

Kowalski K.: Name of conference. Conference materials Year, Pages

Biographical notes

Please prepare biographical notes (max. 500 characters) in the following order:

Scientific titles, name and surname of the Author. Education (name of the university/specialisation/courses). Professional experience. Awards/Prizes. Place of work. Number of publications. Scientific interests.  E-mail address, contact telephone number

Additional information

The editorial office pays no fee for other than ordered articles.

All the Authors receive PDF of the issue of CHEMIK journal, in which their paper is published and/or (at request) free-of-charge one paper copy.

The Editors reserve the right to shorten and introduce editorial changes as well as necessary changes in terminology. The Editors are responsible for form of publication and wording.

The Author may publish colour graphic elements only for a fee – after prior agreement with the editors.