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Disposal methods and treatment of wastes from piggeries.

Disposal methods and treatment of wastes from piggeries KWAŚNY J., KOWALSKI Z., BANACH M. Please cite as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 7, 687-696 Slurry is a waste from the pig farming, which is onerous for the environment. The basic way to utilize manure is the production of organic and organic -mineral fertilizers. As a source of substances influencing positively on plants and soil, is a substrate of compost. Biogas is produced in an economical way from pig slurry mixed with fruit waste. The issue of methane fermentation depending on the type of feedstock and the temperature of the process has been addressed. The integrated treatment for purification of liquid pig wastes has been mentioned. Keywords: pig slurry, fertilizer, biogas, anaerobic fermentation, methane, compos Read more: pdf-icon...
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Biogas from waste ? (bio)fuel for transport ? barriers and perspectives

Radosław POMYKAŁA, Paulina ŁYKO ? AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering, Department of Environmental Engineering and Mineral Processing, Krakow, Poland Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 5, 454?461 Introduction Renewable energy sources as a way to supplement and even to replace conventional fuels, is a hot topic since many years. Virtually any type of fossil fuel can suggest several alternatives to the alternatives. For virtually any type of fossil fuel, several ?green? substitutes can be suggested as the alternatives. Depending on the transient fashions, available technologies and above all legal regulations attention of professionals and public opinion is directed to the other kind of ?replacement? of fossil fuels. The interest in, however, is not always distributed in proportion to the real benefits and the possibility of obtaining a source of energy in Poland. Keywords: Biogas, biomethane, CNG, municipal waste The article focuses on biogas as a fuel highly prospective and large manufacturing potential, which until recently was known mainly as...
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The energy potential of biogas ? an estimation of biogas production resources in Poland

Alina REJMAN-BURZYŃSKA, Halina MAKSYMIAK-LACH, Eugeniusz JĘDRYSIK ?Central Mining Institute in Katowice Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 5, 446?453 Introduction Biogas is produced in the process of organic substance decomposition via methane fermentation and contains 50?75% of methane (CH4) and 25?50% of carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as small amounts of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen, mercaptans and other gases. Only biogas containing at least 40% of methane can be used to produce thermal or electric energy. The main resources used to produce biogas on an industrial scale are organic waste, including wastewater residues, agricultural and food waste, animal manure and organic fractions of municipal waste. The amount and composition of biogas depend on the chemical composition of the resource fed to fermentation and on process parameters (reaction time, temperature). 1 kg of carbohydrates yields, on average, 0.42 m3 of CH4, of proteins ? 0.47 m3 of CH4, while of fats ? 0.75 m3 of CH4, but fats are characterised by a long...
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