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Methanol as hydrogen donor in the alternative fuel synthesis

Ewa ŚMIGIERA, Jacek KIJEŃSKI, Osazuwa OSAWARU, Anna ZGUDKA, Antoni R. MIGDAŁ ? Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 6, 502-513 This paper presents the possibilities for obtaining alternative fuels from polymer and fatty wastes in the flow system under the atmospheric pressure. This process is conducted in the presence of heterogeneous catalysts and involves using methanol as hydrogen donor in the reduction reaction of unsaturated compounds formed during waste processing. The obtained products (synthetic paraffin hydrocarbons) can be used as fuel oil or diesel fuel. The results from the research works are protected by one granted patent and one patent application. Introduction: High costs of extracting and processing fossil fuels and their depleting reserves as well as the limited global reserves of crude oil have generated a deep interest in alternative fuels. An increase in share of liquid biofuels and biocomponents, particularly those from wastes, in the market of liquid fuels consumed by the fuel and energy sector is a significant part of the sustainable...
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Searching for development strategy on energy sources and resources

Jacek KIJEŃSKI ? Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw; Marta KIJEŃSKA ?Institute of Environmental Protection, Warsaw, Poland Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 3, 206-207 It is triple ?not? which, in the light of global energy deficit faced today and urgent need to enlarge global resources? base, proves to determine the contemporary world politics. These are: not real viewpoint concerning human impact on temperature in the environment (greenhouse effect), not clear forecast of fossil fuels? and energy resources? depletion, and finally, common public opinion, which is not willing to support development of nuclear power engineering. The aforementioned determinants have enforced the abandonment of natural technological progress of our civilization, which started in the 17th century and which was based on thermodynamic analysis, and have superseded it by so called sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development, which lacks common and coherent strategy, aims to fight growing crisis, rather than to provide rapidly growing human population with (secure) access to energy and resources....
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Each success creates a foundation for future activities – interview with Professor Jacek KIJEŃSKI

Each success creates a foundation for future activities - interview with Professor Jacek KIJEŃSKI, President of the Management Board of the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers before its 29th General Meeting Please cited as: CHEMIK 2010, 64, 6, 583-590 Chemistry and the chemical industry create a foundation of each modern economy. Taking care of its position means economic patriotism. The Association is made by their members. Considering this, our mission can be performed through the activity and wisdom of all our members. Read more: pdf-icon...
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