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Why is it necessary to take a new look at a problem of raw materials for chemistry?

? an interview with Wojciech Lubiewa-Wieleżyński, President of the Board of Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry [Polska Izba Przemysłu Chemicznego] Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 6, 484-489 Mr President, what is the position of the European chemical industry at the global scene? Does it change? And how does it change? Only in 2010, the European chemical industry gave way to the position of the worldwide leader in sales volumes to China. This trend in losing the Europe?s leadership position to Asia and China could be observed from the year 2000. Since in the decade 2000?2010, the volume of chemical industry production sold in the European Union (EU 27) increased by 17%, whereas the global production increased by 64%, and in China as much as by 524%! Contribution of the European industry to sales on the global chemical market decreased from 36 to 21% in a twenty-year period 1991÷2011. Speciality chemicals constitute the largest sector of the European chemical industry, the other large sectors...
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The most important challenges for chemical industry in Europe

Wojciech LUBIEWA-WIELEŻYŃSKI ? Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, Warsaw, Poland Please cite as: CHEMIK 2013, 67, 3, 177-179 In 2011, the global sale of chemical industry (excluding pharmaceutical industry, and plastics and rubber industry) achieved EUR 2744 billion, of which 19.6% accounted for the sale of the chemical industry in EU27 and only in 1991, this contribution was 36%. Just in 2004, the EU industry gave way to the position of the worldwide leader in chemical production to Asia countries. A dynamic development of chemical industry in Asia resulted from the increase in projects of local and global companies, cheaper raw materials and less restrictive regulations on environmental protection (particularly in China and the Middle East). A revival of chemical industry resulted in the increase in production in the developing countries exceeding the average level and their bigger contribution to the global market as well as the occurrence of new rivals. An increase in chemical trade was also recorded. In...
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