Modern high-energetic polymers

Modern high-energetic polymers
Karol KOŻUCH, Andrzej WOJEWÓDKA ? Faculty of Chemistry, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice

Please cited as: CHEMIK 2010, 64, 1, 15-20

The article is about new high-energetic polymers. This article comprises two main sections. The first section outlines historical background of using high energetic polymers, gives basics theory of explosives and chemistry of high energetic materials. The second part contain description of high energetic polymers which seems to be the most prospective. Attention, in this part of article, is focused on several selected polymers included glycidyl azide polymers, poly(3-nitratometyl-3-metyl oxetane), poly(glycidyl nitrate) or nitrated hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene.

Keywords: polymer, explosives, GAP, PNIMMO, PGLYN

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