Genetically modified crops and food: pros and cons

Genetically modified crops and food: pros and cons

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2011, 65, 11, 1193-1203

In Poland genetically modified crops are not regulated by law. Polish Parliament has been discussing the proposal of a new act concerning genetically modified organisms (GMO) since 2009 and did not manage to finalize before the end of its term. Regulations
concerning GMOs were also contained in the seed act, but it was vetoed by Polish President. There is also a great debate in the society, whether GM crops are required in Polish agriculture? Taking part in this dispute I review the flaws of the genetic engineering methodology, insufficiency of the risk assessment, potential health
and environmental hazards as well as socio-economic and political problems concerning GM crops and food/feed. Certainly, decisions concerning GM crops legislation must not
be influenced either politically or by any international economical organizations or corporate lobbies. I am deeply convinced that according to current knowledge, 10-years moratorium should be announced for GM crops cultivation in Poland. This is concerned with potential safety issues and with socio-economical concerns related to Polish agriculture and environment. Similar concerns are raised by several other EU countries and European Commission is close to accept members? right to independent decisions in this matter.

Keywords: genetically modified organisms, GMO, agriculture, agribusiness, food supply, sustainable development, risk assessment, moratorium

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