Evolution of the management model for a chemical company on the example in Azoty Tarnów

Evolution of the management model for a chemical company on the example in Azoty Tarnów

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2012, 10, 1125-1135

This paper discusses the evolution of the management model of Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie Mościcach, starting from the 1930s, through the post-war period and a typical linear and department organisational structure of the 1990s, the organisational and business model of Azoty Tarnów from 2002 and 2008, and finishing with the model of organisational structure of Azoty Tarnów from 2010 and the organisational and business model of the Azoty Tarnów Capital Group as well as the macro organisational structure of Azoty Tarnów adopted at the beginning of 2012. It also mentions the document adopted on 13th June 2012 ?Growth strategy for 2012-2020?.

Keywords: management of a chemical company, enterprise culture, restructuring, organisational structure, organisational and business model, consolidation, Azoty Tarnów, Azoty Tarnów Capital Group, growth strategy

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