Technical and technological history of Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów-Mościce S.A. LICHWAŁA R.

Technical and technological history of Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A.

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2012, 66, 10, 1039-1056

This paper presents briefly the facts related to the development of technology and technique of Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów-Mościce. It describes the most important periods for the factory formation such as: the establishment of the State Works of Nitrogen Compounds in Mościce, the period of so called Tarnów II and the present
period after Azoty Tarnów debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The achievements from the latter period are only generalised as they are dynamic and still in progress. The author emphasises that the company workers, often outstanding specialists and remarkable personalities and always entirely devoted to the Company, were very important in the 85-year history of the Company.

Keywords: Azoty Tarnów, history of industry, development of engineering solutions, organisation of industry, Stock Exchange

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