Removal of NI(II) ion in the presence of DS form waters and waste waters

Removal of NI(II) ion in the presence of DS form waters and waste waters

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2012, 66, 12, 1352-1359

The paper presents the studies of sorption of the Ni(II) ions complexes with tetrasodium salt of polyaspartic acid (Baypure DS 100) as a complexing agent on the ion exchangers Lewatit MonoPlus M800 and Lewatit MK-51. The sorption process was carried out by the static method depending on the phase contact time, pH, temperature and concentration of Ni(II) ions and DS in the solution. The maximal percentage of Ni(II)-DS=1:1 complexes is obtained for the above mentioned ions at pH>7.0. The temperature increase causes insignificant decrease in sorption effectiveness on all ion exchangers. Removal of nickel(II) ions in the presence of the ion exchanger Lewatit MK-51.

Keywords: nikel, sorption, ion exchange, ion exchangers

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