Granulation of sodium silicates by pressing method

Granulation of sodium silicates by pressing method

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2012, 66, 5, 515-524

The preliminary results of studies of sodium silicate granulation by pressing method was described. The studies was conducted to test the possibility of obtaining the powdery raw material granules with a specific particle size distribution. In laboratory studies powdered sodium silicates with module of 2 up to 3.3 SiO2 moles/Na2O moles were used. They were investigated in the AWPMA?s matrix press. The studies determined the impact of compaction pressure on the densification degree and the optimal compression pressure of tested silicates was determined. The products of larger grains and higher bulk densities were obtained. The results allow the selection of industrial equipment for granulation of sodium disilicates as the main product and the possibility of obtaining granulated silicates of other module at the same time.

Keywords: sodium silicate, granulation, granulation by pressing method

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