Nanocarriers as modern transport media in drug delivery systems

Nanocarriers as modern transport media in drug delivery systems

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2012, 66, 7, 868-881

In drug delivery systems there are many different groups used at the level of nanoparticles (NP), including polymers, carbon materials and magnetic nanoparticles. The above-mentioned compounds occur in the form of a simple carrier or make a complex core ? shell system, e.g. on a magnetic core. This modification allows for a controlled drug delivery to a target site as well as imaging the celllevel drug desorption processes. This paper presents the process of synthesising the drug carriers, functionalising their surfaces and the methods for immobilising active substances on their surface with special emphasis given to magnetic materials.

Keywords: nanocarriers, nanoparticles, targeted therapy, drug delivery system (DDS), core-shell structures.

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