Coal energy obtained using gasification

Coal energy obtained using gasification

Please cite as: CHEMIK 2014, 68, 12, 1026–1039

More and more frequently recurring questions regarding the possibility of replacing classical coal mining and combustion for obtaining energy have recently motivated a number of research works. Over last 5 years the intensive research in this area has been also conducted in Poland. However, this paper presents two other cases of gasification: in surface gasification reactors, used successfully by Sasol Group and underground gasification based on Linc Energy technology. Coal gasification in South African Sasol can be seen as a very good example of implementation of technology, which allowed this country to develop under certain political and economic conditions. Nowadays, Sasol with current prices of its coal and global crude oil prices manufactures 120 different products, including liquid fuels, olefins, explosives, cosmetics, etc., which can successfully compete with petroleum products. The other case of gasification – underground one based on the technology of Australian company Linc Energy – is presented in the context of its implementation attempts in Poland. The article focuses particularly on fundamental differences between Polish and Australian geological conditions and high risk of negative impact of the process on the surroundings, if located in densely populated area. The paper presents conclusions and questions that are worth finding and answer to before deciding whether to apply this energy production technology.

Keywords: Coal energy, gasification

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