The use of zirconium oxy-hydroxide for removing anions from liquid industrial waste

Barbara SOŁTYSIK*, Jolanta MIŚKIEWICZ, Mariola BODZEK-KOCHEL, Joanna GLUZIŃSKA, Marzena PYSZ – New Chemical Syntheses Institute, Inorganic Chemistry Division „IChN” in Gliwice, Poland
Please cite as: CHEMIK 2016, 70, 10, 644–649

Environmental requirements necessitate the implementation of the so-called clean technology, whose main determinants are: sustainable use of raw materials, improvement of energy efficiency and action in the broad sense of environmental protection. Important role in this type of technologies play a zirconium compounds, such as zirconium dioxide and zirconium oxy-hydroxide. Physicochemical nature of these compounds determines that they are mainly used in catalysis and in ion exchange. They have amphoteric properties, they are practically insoluble in water, their estimated solubility is 1.1·10–54 [1]. They are well soluble in strong mineral acids and in highly concentrated alkali. Moreover, they have specific surface and structural properties [2].

Zirconium compounds play a significant role in many branches of industry. It is due to their mechanical and chemical properties, including the absence or low toxicity as compared with compounds replaced by them [3, 4, 1, 5–22].

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