The effect of waste material electrode on the properties of positive electrodes in lead-acid batteries

Please Cite as: CHEMIK 2016, 70, 11–12, 691–702

The study allowed to observe changes in morphology and phase composition of plates depending on the amount of introduced waste material. The phase composition of positive electrodes measured after the formation process showed no significant differences between groups with different content of waste material. The positive plates with waste electrode material addition revealed presence of 4PbO·PbSO4 which was absent in the reference group, and a lower content of tetragonal phase lead oxide (II). The morphology of the material indicated that in the mass with waste material addition the presence of fine crystal structures with an elongated shape increased, and in the reference group the flake crystallites disappeared. In case of the positive plates in a charged state, it was noted that the increase in waste material content in the mass clearly implied an increase in participation of disordered structures. After the discharge a comparable content of the disordered structures in all masses can be observed irrespective of the content of waste material.

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