Thermoplastic polyurethane-based nanocomposites reinforced with carbon fillers

Please Cite as: CHEMIK 2016, 70, 11–12, 685–690

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) behaves both as a crosslinking rubber and thermoplast at ambient temperature during use and at elevated processing temperature, respectively. In this paper, thermoplastic polyurethane reinforced with carbon nanofillers (e.g. carbon nanotubes, graphene and expanded graphite) was presented. Carbon nanofillers improve mechanical strength, thermal stability and are effective modifiers for manufacturing electrically conductive nanocomposites. Improved or new properties of TPU nanocomposites depend not only on the amount of filler and the method of its incorporation into the polymer matrix, but also on the occurrence of a specific interactions between the filler and rigid or soft TPU segments. Therefore the proper selection and modification of chemical structure of the polymer and filler are crucial for the successful manufacturing of new material with desired properties.

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